When it comes to swimming pools today, gunite pool builders are seeing the most increase here in America. Why? They are the most durable of all pools, especially in areas that see hot temperatures during the summer. The process that gunite pool builders take is more time consuming, but when done right, you’ll have a swimming pool you can enjoy for many years.

Any gunite pool builder will tell you that there are advantages and disadvantages to having a gunite swimming pool. Let’s take a look:
The Advantages

• Many homeowners, commercial property owners, and gunite pool builders will agree that there is more prestige in having a gunite pool.

• The structure of a gunite pool is durable and gunite pool builders agree that the surface materials available are excellent as well as the structurebeing stronger. For areas where vandalism may be an issue, gunite pool builders believe their product will stand up better than other types of pools.

• Gunite pool builders design and build their products on site which allows an endless range of design possibilities.
The Disadvantages

• Gunite pool builders say that the extra time it takes to build a gunite pool is a downfall due to the time for the concrete to set. However, the extra two to three months makes it well worthwhile because the pool structure will last longer.

• The bottom of gunite pools is abrasive, making them uncomfortable for many.

• In this area of the country, gunite pool builders say that their product can cost more to build and maintain.