When it comes to designing outdoor kitchens, there are a lot of facets to be considered. Within those facets, it is easier to make design mistakes than you may think. The best way to avoid making those mistakes is to hire a designer. Even then, as the homeowner, you need to be aware of things to avoid.

The design of outdoor kitchens must work well for the homeowner. Avoid awkward angles and not having anywhere to sit. In addition, here are three of the biggest pitfalls you want to avoid:

Pitfall Number One: Not determining the size and the shape of outdoor kitchen first.

Determine your budget first, then create your wish list, and then choose the designer and builder who can tell you if everything on your wish list is possible with your budget and the space you have.

Pitfall Number Two: Having an unrealistic idea what outdoor kitchens cost.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that outdoor kitchens can be done on a shoestring budget. The minimum is around $7,000 to $8,000. The components of outdoor kitchens include the structure, the counters, the appliances, the storage, and those accessories.

Pitfall Number Three: Lack of infrastructure planning.

Infrastructure for outdoor kitchens includes electricity, gas, plumbing and within those things, there are the lights and the appliances. You must determine what you can afford from your wish list and then plan on what you can get, so you know how to plan the infrastructure. Nobody has ever said, “There are too many electrical outlets.”