When you have made the decision to have a swimming pool built, it is one of the most exciting times of home ownership. Just like having a home built from the ground up, there are so many different choices and decisions to make, especially if you decide to go with one of the many ways available for custom pools.

Starting from the decision on where to position your pool to choosing the interior finish of it, there are so many options that can make yours one of the most unique custom pools ever. The aesthetic options and the function-related options are all things that will add to the customization of your swimming pool.

But one of the biggest options you must choose that will make your pool one of the unique custom pools, is the shape of it. If you are going with a concrete pool, the shapes are variable because the material used is versatile.

The standard shape of either kidney or rectangle is the starting point for most custom pools, and then you and your pool contractor can work together to create a pool that is as custom as custom pools can be. Choosing a shape that will fit your lifestyle and personality, as well as provide the desired functionality.

Some of the most beautiful custom pools are those that have a beach-style entry, or have a pool fountain or rock waterfalls. Some custom pools have mosaics and of course, the lighting you choose will make your pool more personal than other custom pools.

Custom Pools will Cost More

As we have discussed here before, a swimming pool is an expense, but when you choose to go with custom pools, the more customized, the more it can cost. The shape of custom pools is where most of the expense can be found. While you’re concerned about the square footage of your finished pool and the swimming room it will offer, it is the perimeter feet that you will be paying for. The exterior edge of custom pools requires extra steel rebar, extra tile, extra coping materials, extra concrete, and the extra labor. All of these things add up to extra expense for the contractor and you.