There are several facets to an outdoor living design. From the kitchen to the entertainment to the living areas, the process should be detailed to the very last piece. The builder or designer you choose to work with should ask you the questions that will help them understand how you plan to live and utilize this area. Those questions should include these eight must have areas for outdoor living design that you’ll love for years come:

The Livability of This Space

How much of your outdoor living design should be focused around grilling? Are you planning to prepare a lot of meals out there? Do you want to be able to prepare the whole meal in your outdoor living area or will you prepare some inside?

The Appliances

Today, the selection of outdoor rated appliances is wide. From Wolf to Sub-Zero style appliances, the quality and the selection are great and can fit into any outdoor living design plans.

The Orientation

How the outdoor living design is oriented will depend on where the afternoon sun is all year long. This part of the design is critical because you aren’t going to want the harsh afternoon sun shining directly into your eyes as you’re cooking and grilling.

The Cross-Ventilation

Your outdoor living design should take into consideration the direction the breeze blows through. If your outdoor kitchen includes a grill, remember cross-ventilation is a must because of the amount of heat and smoke they produce. You don’t want it blowing toward the house!

Your Outdoor Time

Is your family one that will spend most of your time outdoors? Or, does your family prefer to see the outdoors from the inside? Asking these types of questions will help your builder know what to include in your outdoor living design such as a fireplace or television, even a screen system that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in nice weather but keeps the bugs out.

Your Style

The materials you choose for your outdoor living design should reflect your personal style and end results. Are you all about it looking good, being functional, or long-lasting? The materials are as varied as the design itself from stainless steel, stone, stucco to cedar or mahogany?

The Access and Flow

While working on your outdoor living design, think about how you will access it and what the daily traffic flow will be. Will an L-shape or U-shape work better for where you’re placing it? Do you want your grill stationary or do you want a roll around grill?

Your Entertaining

For those get-togethers that you host, how many guests are usually invited? What are the ages of your guests? Do you hire a bartender or do you tend bar yourself? You’ll want ample seating in the open and in the shade.