So, you have decided on the perfect place for your outdoor kitchen construction to begin. Now, the fun begins! Creating your outdoor kitchen to be something you’ve always wanted is fun and you need to take your time to get what you really want. Choosing the grill isn’t the first thing and neither is choosing the backsplash or countertop.

Your first step is creating the layout. This is the most essential step because it is going to determine how well the workflow is in the space provided, as well as what has the best look.  Your outdoor kitchen construction needs to consider these things because, after all, you want this to a showplace, as well as a working kitchen that is user-friendly.

Your first consideration needs to be just like it is inside your home’s kitchen: The Triangle. The kitchen triangle is what will make your outdoor kitchen an efficient kitchen. The layout of where the cooktop, the oven, the refrigerator, the storage and all other aspects of cooking is what will make your kitchen the showplace that works.  Each leg of this triangle should not be more than ten feet long and there shouldn’t be any obstructions along those legs.

Any contractor that is experienced in outdoor kitchen construction will be familiar with this theory and most likely will have suggestions to offer. If they aren’t familiar with the triangle and aren’t seeing your vision, move on to the next contractor. You want your contractor to be on the same page you are or the end results won’t be what you really want.