Just like any other industry, swimming pool companies have several types. There is the one-man-band kind of swimming pool companies, and there are large, corporate companies. Everyone that owns a pool will have their preference of which one they want to deal with and feel they can trust. But they all have little secrets, and we are going to share the five most common with you here:

1. Pool Cleaning Skipped
If you have the same technician each time, it isn’t uncommon they skip cleaning a pool they regularly do if they have a stacked schedule. Too often, a growing company will get to a point they have more swimming pools to clean than they have technicians to do the work.

2. Local or National
The larger swimming pool cleaning companies are known to have a high turnover rate in technicians. As such, they will hire an inexperienced “warm body” and provide them minimal training with a “senior” tech and then send them out on their own. An experienced pool technician should be a combination of chemist, engineer, and plumber as well as other trades so they can clean your pool and do necessary small repairs.

3. Pool Chemical Costs
It has been known for some swimming pool companies to charge a flat rate for their service and then additional for the chemicals. While service charges may fluctuate with the seasons, it should be a flat rate that INCLUDES the chemicals. Before you sign any contract, make sure you know exactly what you’re being charged and when.

4. Used Parts
There are swimming pool companies that will take used parts to fix pools, yet charge for new parts. Anytime your pool needs repairs that cost over $200 ask the technician to show you the parts they are putting in and the parts they take out.