Now that you have a swimming pool installed and the landscaping all in place, you’ve decided you never want to go back in the house again! But, unless you want to have Chinese food or pizza delivered every night, that just isn’t possible. That is why outdoor kitchen construction has started to get more popular, especially for those who have swimming pools.

However, there may be more pieces to that outdoor kitchen construction than you realize. Here we are going to give you some tips that could help you get the most for the money and have a long-lasting outdoor kitchen life.

The Insulated Grill Jacket

If your outdoor kitchen construction is going to include appliances that use combustible materials, an insulated grill jacket is an absolute must.

Tragically, there are a lot of outdoor kitchens that literally have gone up in flames because they did not have an insulated grill jacket properly installed for the grill. No, insulated jackets are not a beautiful addition to your outdoor kitchen, but it is much nicer looking than a burned down, charred mess.

Properly Ventilates

Another must for outdoor kitchen construction is vent panels, especially if you’re going to have gas for the appliances. When getting quotes for your outdoor kitchen, ask about how they are going to vent the appliances. It is all about placement when it comes to outdoor kitchen construction ventilation. The standard for any outdoor kitchen is 4 to 6 feet in between vent panels. And depending on which type of gas you’ll be using will make a difference in the height of the vents.

Cooking and Cooling Appliances

Sit down with your chosen outdoor kitchen construction contractor and plan the various zones of your kitchen and be sure that you do not have the refrigerator or wine cooler installed next to the grill. There should be no less than 12 inches in between them for them to all have the proper ventilation.

Outdoor Rated Appliances

Refrigerators are not all the same, you know that just by looking, right? But did you know that there are appliances that are rated for outdoor kitchen construction? Your indoor refrigerator is not rated for outdoor use and won’t be able to withstand the outdoor environment.

Useable Counter and Work Space

You have all the brick and tile work picked out with granite tops and beautiful outdoor rated appliances. Don’t forget to design enough counter and work space, as well as storage space. Any contractor with experience in outdoor kitchen construction will have their recommendations based on the size of the kitchen you’re wanting. If they haven’t mentioned it, be sure to ask about it.