It has been said over and over that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and while that still holds true today, it has moved out to the backyard for many families. Outdoor living is highly desired by many homeowners and they want to make it as comfortable and convenient as it is indoors.

For many, the idea of the great outdoors is a cold beer or glass of wine and waiting for the grill to heat up. It is estimated that 75 percent of all American homes have an outdoor grill and/or a smoker. We’ve come a long way since the first Weber kettle-style grill appeared over half a century ago. Outdoor cooking has reached epic proportions in recent years.

Grills That do Everything

Today, we want flexibility with quality construction in our outdoor kitchens. The add-ons and options available to us are endless. We have stainless-steel, 42,000 BTU burners that have variable temperature controls and side burners, electronic ignition and warming racks. There are grills that have built-in infrared searing to give us restaurant-style steaks. Charcoal or gas confusion? No problem. Today, you can get a hybrid grill that gives you both.

The Kitchen Sink and More

The focal point of a home today is often the outdoor living space. So, making that outdoor kitchen awesome with construction that includes stainless-steel cabinets and granite countertops. The open-air structure is all the rage now and features ceiling fans, tile floors, food prep center, and adjustable lighting. There are sinks and refrigerators, warming drawers and wine coolers, deep fryers and icemakers, too.

Why get Delivery When you can Have a Backyard Pizza Oven

The must-have appliance in outdoor kitchen construction jobs today is the pizza oven. From stainless-steel to brick oven, if your family is a pizza loving family, then the outdoor pizza oven is a must.