Pool designs evolve constantly as customers’ desires and preferences change, as technologies are introduced and building techniques improve. The past few years, customers have wanted less maintenance, but more luxury and builders and designers of swimming pools have given them all of that, and more.

If you’ve decided to add a custom swimming pool to your home, the function and the luxury of the pool are important. This is going to be a part of your family’s lifestyle for many years to come. With that being said, we offer these seven pool designs that are being seen with custom pools this year.

1. Vanishing Edge

You may hear these referred to as an infinity edge which is fashioned by shortening one side of the pool wall and the water then spills over into a catch basin underneath. This is a trendy design for homes that have a scenic view from their backyard.

2. Smaller is Better

More and more houses being built often means that the yards are getting smaller and smaller, thus leaving little room for a swimming pool upgrade. Today, contractors and designers are offering swimming pools that are referred to as “spools,” a compact design of the pools you know from yesteryear. A great space saver that is also a money saver when it comes to having these custom pools installed and maintaining them, too.

3. Beach Entry Pools

For homes that have children, custom pools with beach entries are a hot thing today. These are zero depth entry points that gradually slope into the deeper water. Gone are the ladders and stairs that can be so dangerous with wet feet.

4. Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledges are flat ledges that are located at custom pool entrances and are a perfect location to place your beach umbrella and lounge chair. Enjoy your custom pool without being fully submerged in the water!

5. Pool Lighting

Your outdoor entertainment in your backyard will completely change with modern lighting options available today with custom pools. They come colored and can match your other landscaping lighting.

6. Fire Bowls

Creating your outdoor sanctuary around your custom pool can be enhanced with a fire bowl. These add a level of ambiance that provides a spot of warmth when the summer nights start getting chilly.

7. Automation

Today automated control in in every aspect of our lives using one of our many electronic devices, and this is true with custom pools, too. Now with the use of your cell phone or computer you can have the spa turned on and warmed up to the right temperature by the time you get home from work. It can also tell you when it is in need of chemicals!